Auto Window Tint

Car tinting, window tint removal, and paint protection done right.

We specialize in window films - it's all we do, and we do it right. Our tinters are all experienced installers, and we offer a variety of films to find the best fit for you and your vehicle. We stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty on both the film and the workmanship for as long as you own the car.

Photo of a tinted vehicle
Safer driving and health benefits
Increased comfort and style
Photo of a window tint removal in progress
Window tint removal

Whatever your reason for wanting to have your current film removed, we can do it for you. Removing film can be tricky, especially on the back windshield due to the defroster lines. We've removed hundreds of films, from the new to old to downright nasty with little to no damage to these lines.

Photo of a hood with paint protection applied
Paint Protection

Protect your vehicle's paint from rock chips, bug acids and sand abrasion with VentureShield Paint Protection Film. Most commonly applied in a 12-inch strip on the hood, we can also do 24-inch strips or print out kits if you're interested in having it applied to your bumpers, grill, and rocker panels.

Also known as "clear bra" or "chip guard", this clear, eight mil thick (.008") Urethane film requires no special treatment. You probably won't even notice it. There's a 12-inch strip applied to the hood of the car on the right - can you see it?